5 Clever Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews

5 Clever Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews

Competition in today’s application market is tough. As an app developer or administrator, you will require knowing how to make your mobile application stand out in the crowd.

One method to do this is by gaining as many app reviews from users as possible. It will also take more than just receiving app rating and reviews to create a successful application in the marketplace. You will require receiving good app reviews if you want to be successful and create a popular mobile application that users want to use every day.

The majority of app users install their applications based on reviews and ratings as opposed to promoting. So, what this suggests, that good app reviews are kind of like word of mouth marketing. Mobile app users will be more likely to tell their friends about a great application instead of a bad application. Therefore making a valuable app that users will like and will use is very important when trying to increase downloads and grow to rank in the marketplace.

1. App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) requires plenty of the same factors that go into prominent SEO tactics. Things like titles, keywords, and descriptions present a role in the app store listings, so leveraging the appropriate tool to understand these variables can set your app for a way to a top tier ranking.

Optimizing the 8tags in the App or Google Play store can profit how your app is found. The keyword field enables you to connect your app with certain terms. The key here is not to repeat or use too numerous variations of the identical word which could be portrayed as spam. A great tip is to conduct SEO type test to figure out the best keyword tags to use. You should question yourself questions like “Which words represent my app?” and “Which words are my opponents using?” Once you get quality for what words work best for you, be certain to be creative in your choices. Being unique could support you drive traffic your competitors aren’t getting.

2. App Profiles

When it comes to marketing a fresh app raising awareness is an essential aspect to improve downloads. The universe of app profiles on websites such as Appolicious and others similar to it is also beneficial. With these profiles, you can attach a description of your app adjacent with a link to the App or Google Play store that empowers the user to download it. This is a simple and secure way to increase the awareness to your desired target audience.

3. Influencer Outreach

Along with traversing out to forums and other relevant blogs, reaching industry plan heads or influencers for reviews is a different avenue to market your app. Having reviews of your app is good, having reviews written by a valued thought guide in the industry and posted on a respectable site is even better. Many of the traditional influencers in an industry have millions of interested followers that read their material periodically. So to have a review addressed on your app by an influencer in the mobile application business will give you an enhanced amount of recognition and possibly downloads (as long as you hold a positive review.)

4. Social Media

It is known a secret that social media is a modern medium and can be employed as an efficient marketing tool. Creating pages specially designed for your app on all social media channels is something that is completely recommended to engage your target audience and see their conversations. With a plethora of possible outlets that include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, to name a few, you have access to a broad population and you have the capability to find which ones work adequately for you. Keep in the thought that these pages should applaud your overall company social accounts. Just like the app store, make sure your business name is on these social pages so that you improve your overall brand awareness.

Managing these accounts is another viewpoint of social media. Making sure you devote time and attempt to monitor your different pages is crucial to benefit from social media. Think of it as a window into observing your consumer’s thoughts and concerns. The much you monitor and all the comments and topics the better you can learn how to grow your product which in turn will increase brand loyalty.

5. App Discounts

Lastly, individuals match to get things for free or for a discount. By providing rebates on specific days related to your application is a great way to get your followers engaged and excited. The key is to be prolific.

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