Because of Corona, “the corpse truck video” is causing panic in New York

The video was shot near Brooklyn Hospital

With the outbreak of the new Corona virus in the United States, a video clip that has spread widely during the past hours on social websites has spotted scary pictures of the bodies of people who died from the coronavirus pandemic.

 The British newspaper, “The Metro” said the video was filmed near Brooklyn Hospital In New York City’s Fort Green area, which was hardest hit by the disease, noting that it caused great panic.

The section detects several bodies that are loaded onto a refrigerated truck, by forklift.

You can hear a man speaking during the video, saying: “This is real. This is Brooklyn Hospital. They put bodies in refrigerated trucks. This is not a joke. What you watch may make you take it seriously”.

New York authorities had prepared morgues, including refrigerated trucks, in preparation for the expected rise in the number of pandemic deaths” covid-19“.

New York gained the largest number of deaths (1228 to date), followed by Washington State (219), then New Jersey, Louisiana, Michigan, and California.

On Monday the number of coronavirus deaths in the United States exceeded 3 thousand, according to A count done by “Reuters”.

The country on Monday witnessed the largest daily number of deaths due to the virus where is more than 500 cases, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 3001, as well as more than 160,000 recorded infections.

The United States has the largest number of casualties confirmed in the world in one country, a number that is likely to rise as more tests.

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