Coronavirus death toll reaches 1770, with increased infections

Coronavirus death toll reaches 1770

The death toll from the emerging Coronavirus in China exceeded the 1,700 victims, Monday, after the death of 105 people in Hubei Province, the worst affected by the epidemic, as the virus first appeared to reach 1770 deaths.

National Health Committee reported In the province in its daily report recorded 2048 new infections, which put an end to the record over the past three days in the number of new infections.

At least 70,548 infections were reported throughout China, mostly in Hubei.

The number of new infections in the province began to decline after the big rise last week in the wake of officials’ modification of diagnostic methods, to include the calculation of infections that are confirmed by a lung CT scan.

Although the numbers of infections recorded were about 100 higher than what recorded in Monday, they are still much lower than on Friday and Saturday.

Outside Hubei, it was clear that new infections had decreased, and a spokesman for the Chinese health authorities said on Sunday that the decline in the number of infections was an indication that the spread of the coronavirus was being controlled.

For his part, WHO chief Tidros Gebresos warned, “It is impossible to predict the direction this epidemic will take.”.

He said in a tweet on Twitter that international experts have arrived in Beijing and started interviewing their Chinese counterparts on the epidemic.

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