Ghost Video Shows Real Ghost Sighting !!

A Ghost video surely gets your attention. Would you believe, we are getting a lot of responses on a ghost videos. I guess all of us love to know more on paranormal activities, because it is one of those things which are unexplained.

Not many of us believe in ghosts, though.

That’s because most of us have never seen a real ghost. Even if we spot one, we often confuse it with a mirage or aberration. It takes some time to reaffirm our doubts, because one could mistake them for a slip made by the brain. Moreover, we are afraid that the people around us would mock us for our cowardice. Only those ones  who have experienced a living dead entity and are alive to share our involvement in the situation, know what its all about. There are a lot of ghost videos to prove that these entities do exist.
The fear and the helplessness linger on for the rest of our lives.
Here is an account of an Indonesian tourist who was visiting Vietnam for the first time. On his insistence we are keeping his identity anonymous.

“This happened when we were going for a road trip in the outskirts of Hanoi. I had traveled there with my girlfriend and childhood buddy. We were visiting Vietnam for the first time, so we were excited. We didn’t know what lay ahead of us, so we were very happy. The first day we visited the city. The second day we decided to do some sightseeing, so we decided to rent a car and go on a long drive in the outskirts of Hanoi.

So we were passing through a village along a subway bypass when we saw “it”. We were near a village surrounded by forest on both sides. I  think the village was named Tho Ha because I recall seeing it on the signboard.
Since we were recording the scenery, we were able to record the footage. As we approached along the deserted unlit portion of the subway road we felt that something crossed our way. It looked like black mist or a faded shadow. I remember our hair standing on our ends and we felt the goosebumps.
We didn’t comprehend what it was immediately, but later, when we were checking our cam video, we were so shocked to see a faded shadow walking past. In fact, we were confused whether we saw a ghost or an alien.”
Here is the ghost video :

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