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How to organize a successful conference

How to organize a successful conference

Defining the agenda:

In order for the conference to be successful, a schedule for the conference must be established.

For example, the time of the conference can be set from 8 in the morning until 4 in the evening.

It includes scheduling a mixture of official speakers, workshops from small groups, and setting a plan to provide food for the participants, either by providing full meals. Or snacks, and after completing the day’s agenda, the event of after dinner speakers can be done.

Calculate conference expenses:

Each conference needs expenses. Expense categories are defined on the basis of the conference program, which includes venue, speakers, staff, insurance, marketing, beverages, food, etc., in addition to government taxes that contribute to a large portion of the expenses.

There are two types of expenses.

There are variable expenses that depend on the number of delegates, and fixed expenses such as location.

Income must be calculated based on all possible sources of income such as registration and advertising sponsorship.

Other Tips for Organizing a Successful Conference

How to organize a successful conference

There are a set of tips through which to organize a successful conference and they are as follows:

Early planning for the conference: where it can start eight months or more, and many places and food services must be booked months ago.

Establishing a committee: this committee will take all the decisions of this conference, with the possibility of more than one person in it, in order to obtain a set of views that help in taking decisions related to important issues. we learned all that and more from: Eddie the eagle speaker

Choosing a conference coordinator:

Coordinator is the person who will be responsible for all the basic decisions, and the former coordinator can be chosen if the conference is a repeat of a conference before him, as well as inquiries about some information from the previous coordinator, in order to help facilitate planning.

Writing goals to be achieved from this conference

Try to choose the city in which the conference will be held. In addition to setting the date.

Specifying the name of the conference, because specifying a name for the conference is important when announcing it, and it is also possible to search for names for similar conferences, in order to get ideas for the name.

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