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Your Girlfriend Is A Liar!!! Women Lie A Lot… Check Out How ??

Past Relationships

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No matter who took the first step in ending the relationship, girls always tend to victimize themselves. Girls will never accept the fact that they walked out of the relationship because they got bored or even the fact that her boyfriend did not accept her flirting with other guys.

No matter what happened, the guy is always the one to be blamed and girls to be victimized.

About Being sexually active

About Being sexually active
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Why? People know that girls love watch porn and its completely okay to urge for a physical relation, it is human! Girls will never accept the fact that they like the way he touched her, some even hide their orgasms while making out.

There are also girls who try to get touchy and if a guy does the same thing, “Don’t touch me.”

“I don’t flirt”

“I don’t flirt”
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And boys don’t ejaculate! Having a dozen of friend zoned boy friend is not flirting, So what is it? Why do girls have to blame guys for being flirts, girls are more flirty than guys are and the worse part is, girls are always mistaken as a polite girl if she tries to flirt,

the problem is, “Ladko mein unity nahi hai“

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