It Was A Regular Renovation Of The House Until The Couple Discovered This In The Wall Of Their House!!

Kevin Brannen grew up witnessing such scenarios where people were able to become millionaires out of the treasure dug in their previously built houses.

A few of these diggers also could find oil reservoirs deep inside the Earth, but a few others managed to find a secret doorway or a hall which led to riches.

This is why, Kevin was of the hope that he could also find riches to lead a retired life of luxury with his fiancé, Kristina Hokansen. But destiny, or should we say, his house, had something else planned for him.
Kevin expected a lot more than what he found, but he wasn’t too shabby or distressed altogether with his finding.

During the renovation of the house he purchased, what he found hidden in one of the walls near the fireplace was a bottle with a rolled up paper inside it. Needless to say that his hopes rocketed to sky-limiting heights and he started thinking that it was a map to a lost treasure. In utter excitement, he called for his fiancé and shared the story with her.

It was moments after the discovery that he opened up the glass bottle and started reading the note it contained. The letter was 83 years old which was evident from the date mentioned in it.

The letter was written on July 18, 1933 by a then 13-year old girl named Katherine Bradley. She mentioned her story in the letter, defining herself to be possessing dark brown eyes and hair, along with telling the reason of placing this letter in the bottle and hiding it in such a place.

Katherine wrote that she had seen others doing such things and just wanted to experience how it felt. She closed the letter on a note saying “I hope this letter will not be hard to decipher. Whoever finds this, please try and hunt me up.” The story would have been amazing only if Katherine wouldn’t have died the year before the letter was discovered. Nevertheless, the couple got in touch with the kids of the deceased.

One just doesn’t know when he can come across such a thing of importance. Hence, an advice to everyone would be to stay on a lookout in order to make such discoveries. A few of these can make your day, while others can simply make your life. Below shown is the news report mentioning the discovery.

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