Ovaltine DIY Recipes That You’ll Love

From my childhood, I had this crush on Ovaltine. Man, I love Ovaltine, in fact each childhood memory linked to Ovaltine is still embedded in my mind. It is dusty and sweet.

The undissolved sweet part will sediment to the bottom of the glass. The froth over the top. The dense liquid in between and the sweet and sticky slush at the bottom.

It is something which is special to the heart, just like those pieces of gumdrop. I simply can’t forget them.

I know I am not alone. There are many other patrons for this yummy drink.

Ovaltine DIY Recipes That You'll Love

Why do I still crave for it? One, it made drinking milk easier. The second fact is, it is underappreciated. Somehow, tea and coffee take away most of the applaud. Worst, they are not even tasty.

Not for me. I rate this drink much higher than them. The experience is more lush than something that’s excessively loaded with caffeine.

Wish it were more chocolaty or do you like it spicy? Spicy? Yes.There’s a lot you could do with this malted drink.

For Overstrong Ovaltine

Add espresso powder to the Ovaltine mix. Ovaltine mix comprises of powdered sugar, milk or milk powder and a bit of powdered sugar.

For Overstrong Ovaltine

For Spicy Ovaltine Drink

Add ground cardamom, cinnamon and cayenne pepper or whatever you like. (I added prawn powder once and didn’t like the result. I even tried adding bear. No need to say how that must have gone down).

Though you could try adding ice-cream or chocolate syrup or shredded truffle. I add a handful of pine nuts in mine. Whatever suits your taste, go ahead.

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