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Road Accidents Due To Traffic Rules We Knowingly Avoid

traffic violation

Newspapers in India are loaded with reports of road accidents every now and then which may be due to bad condition of roads

violation of traffic rules or their poor implementation.

Now-a-days traffic violation has emerged as one of the biggest cause for accidents, which makes this issue to be addressed on priority.

India accounts for 15% of the global deaths due to traffic accidents.

According to a report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), more than 135,000 deaths occur in India every year due to traffic accidents.

Here is a list of basic rules that are not followed by people in India which create problem for others:

1. Parking in No-Parking Zones 

India is already suffering from the rising traffic chaos and on top of that people never give a second thought before parking their vehicles in no-parking zones.

Drivers should avoid improper parking or parking their vehicles on roads to avoid traffic obstruction.

Parking in no parking zones

2. Disobeying Traffic Signals Leading To Road Accidents

Ideally a vehicle has to stop when a traffic signal turns red and slow down when it turns yellow. Most of the people have this habit of jumping the traffic lights which results in severe accidents and even death.

Disobeying traffic signals
Image Source: Times and Democrat

3. Entering a One-Way Lane in Wrong Direction

People in India have a slightly different thought over the famous proverb “Where there is a Will, there is a Way,” as they believe in “Where there is a Way, there is a Will.

People enter their vehicles on one way lanes in wrong direction which stops the free traffic movement.

Image Source:

4. Taking a U-Turn in Low Traffic

Rather than using a traffic signal for taking a U-turn, drivers take chances of taking it when the traffic is less which leads to unnecessary traffic blockage or road accidents.

Illegal U turn in low traffic
Image Source:

5. Indicators? Really?

Generally in a war, you don’t give an indication of your next move to your enemies. Indians might have acquired this trait from their ancestors. They turn their vehicles wherever they want without using the indicators. The enemy behind has a rare chance of surviving this deadly move.

Image Source:

6. Helmets / Safety Belts

Safety helmets are made for motorcyclists to avoid severe injuries in case of road accidents, but generally people wear them as a medium to get through a traffic policeman.

No police, no helmets. Same is the case with the seat belt.

It is one of the most essential parts of a vehicle which strikes our minds the moment we see traffic police around.

Helmets & Safety Belts
Image Source: India Today

7. Speed Limits

Following the speed limit gets a little difficult, as people are always in a hurry and usually hate wasting their time on roads.

Speed comes first, safety comes second.

Speed Limits

Above mentioned rules can easily be followed if one is committed to road safety. Life is a precious gift of God, so one should not risk it by avoiding these rules.

It is recommended to visit the official website of India’s Department of Road Transport and Highways to have a detailed look on these rules.

Traffic rules are framed for road safety and to prevent road accidents and should be followed seriously by people across the globe including India.

Rules are not exclusive for the drivers, but also for the pedestrians and cyclists, the bus commuters and drivers need to respect pedestrians’ right of way.

People should have proper knowledge of road signs and always carry driving license, certificate of vehicle registration, vehicle insurance and pollution check certificates.

Schools and colleges can come forward and take several measures to raise public awareness of road safety which can be through presentations on road safety, educating teachers about basic safety road laws,

And encouraging parents to motivate their children to learn preventive measures.
Hope the younger generation will understand the prominence of life and will not only abide by the traffic laws but will also help raising awareness about these rules.

One should always remember that slightest of an effort never gets ignored, so little concentration regarding the same could save someone’s life.


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