Satellite imagery and speculation … What happened to the North Korean leader?

What is the fate of Kim Jong Un

Satellite imagery reviewed by a Washington-based North Korean research center showed a special train likely to belong to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at a resort within the country this week, amid conflicting reports about Kim’s deteriorating health and location.

A storm of speculation erupted on Saturday over the deteriorating health of the North Korean leader after undergoing heart surgery, according to media.

TMZ said, according to Asian sources, that Kim Jong-un’s health It deteriorated a lot and he entered the intensive care unit earlier this month, but a “fatal mistake” by the surgeons in the next surgery, put him between life and death.

Celebrity news website added, Kim Jong Un died, or is on his deathbed, according to news reports from China and Japan.

A vice-president of a Hong Kong-supported TV station blew the news when it announced that the North Korean leader “was dead.”

The station’s vice president posted the news on the Chinese website, Weibo, for social media, and said its source was very strong and sure.

However, it was not possible to verify these reports from any official source, whether in South Korea the country that uses its intelligence to monitor its northern neighbor, or from the United States, whose President Donald Trump played down reports that talked about Kim’s serious condition.

Similar speculation has previously erupted in periods when the North Korean leader was absent from public life, but it was ultimately proven incorrect.

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