The mystery of “Area 51”, which the United States intends to hide

The Main Road to Area 51

“The first thing I would like to know when I entered the White House, what is the secret of the Area 51, which the United States always hide “.

Those were the words of sayings on the lips of the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, in one of the election debates.

But when the arrival of Obama to the White House, the disclosure rejected in more than one interview about the secret “51 Area,” He laughs only when asked, (Is actually the area of ​​confidentiality in the southern state of “Nevada” United States of America has “space objects or not”.)

what is it?

Area 51 Raid
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“Area 51” is located in the southern part of the state of “Nevada” in the western United States, and many reports indicate that it is in the middle of a secret military airport to test spy planes, but the United States still denies the existence of that region and its officials have been discreet for many years when answering about its nature, And the reason for preventing anyone from approaching them.

“Metro” magazine suggests that there is a large number of names “camouflages” borrowed for that region, including “Grom Lake”, which is the name of the lake, which are found on that area, after it dried up its waters.

Among the aliases, which was launched by the name of “Bradayiz Ranch”, or “Paradise Farm”, the name of “Water Town”, and finally the name of “Dream Land”.

According to reports published in the newspaper “New York Times” of that the first use of that region was in 1941, where it was used as an air training.

Myths or Facts

 DigitalGlobe satellite image Area 51.  (Photo DigitalGlobe via Getty Images)
DigitalGlobe satellite image Area 51. (Photo DigitalGlobe via Getty Images)

But myths mixed with facts began to appear on the surface in a large way, with regard to “Area 51”, after several news sites circulated news that this region “is a landing ground for aliens.”
Many international websites and channels circulated pictures and videos of strange planes flying in that region, and some used them to confirm the presence of aliens in that region.
But other reports indicated that these aircraft are only test planes that the United States is testing in this secret military zone.
What added to the ambiguity was the persistence of the successive American administrations, to preserve the ambiguity of “Area 51”, and not to reveal the nature of the work in which they are being conducted in any way.

The heightened uncertainty is the insistence of successive US administrations, to maintain the ambiguity of “Area 51“, and not revealing the nature of the business in which they are in any way.

Distorted Objects

Among the things that have also been circulated about “Area 51” is that the United States is hiding all information about it because of its workers being poisoned in the seventies and eighties because of the secret jet fuel being tested.
The British “Daily Express” newspaper said that the workers were forced to go to the trenches, after the computers were subjected to a huge fire, and the American government did not give the workers any means of protection except for what protects themselves only below, what created them from deformed beings, the United States is trying to hide them from The eyes of the press and the media.

The United States has also adopted technologies that prevent radio, television, or mobile phones from reaching this region to increase the “secret and secret” state around them.
The American magazine “Time” reported a similar story, but indicated that the workers suffered deformities, as a result of nuclear tests that were taking place in that region.

Secret weapons

Alien hunters may be disappointed by the latest theory about mystery structure (Photo: Google Maps)
Alien hunters may be disappointed by the latest theory about mystery structure (Photo: Google Maps)

But other reports published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” talked about the United States hiding the “Area 51” because of the presence of the fastest secret spy planes in the world, which America is trying to hide any information about.

The British newspaper said that the United States has in this region spy planes of the type “A-12 OXCART”, which is the fastest in the world, flying at a speed of 22 miles per hour, and moving with a special type of fuel, and the United States is not trying to disclose it to maintain its secrecy.

Although the CIA acknowledged that the area existed in August 2013, it refused to disclose secret missions or the reason for imposing a state of secrecy on them.

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