This List Of Best Hill Stations Around The World Would Make You Want To Retire Now!!

I am tired of going to hotels. Now I am off to the hills. Yes, this post is all about hill stations. I know I might not be able to cover them all in one post.

These ones are my favorite spots. Well, I will not procrastinate any more. So on with the list.

1. Alaska, U.S.A

1. Alaska, U.S.A
Alaska, U.S.A , Image Source:

Alaska is a U.S. state located in the north-western region of North America. I love it, love it! It is bordered by Canadian states Yukon and the British Columbia. Alaska is well-known with historical relevance.

It is one of the most amazing places on the world to visit, if you love hitch-hiking, because Alaska is the only place where relations work more than money. Alaska has the largest area in the United states, and one of the least population in the United States of America.

So there’s a lot of space. You could do a lot of things, see a lot of animals and what not. The scenery is lovely, picturesque and what not. No wonder, it is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world.

What are the points of cynosure in the hill station? Well, there’s glacier bays, riverboat discovery in Fairbanks and all the natural parks and sanctuaries.

I bet that you are gonna love it, when you see the place.

2. Durban, South Africa

Durban, South Africa
Durban, South Africa, Image Source: Pinterest

Durban is one of the paramount gifts of nature. An absolute paradise! It is reputed for its gorgeous coastline. The pristine beaches and subtropical climate is something to crave for. It is situated on the eastern coasts of the African continent. Durban is known for providing visitors with once-in-a-lifetime experience that completely bowls the visitors over. There are many activities that one could opt for. It’s not limited to beach sports or activities. It extends deeper into the realm of Durban’s cultural diversity, modernistic approach and scenic beauty. The City of Durban is the ultimate destination with hills and modern architecture forming the best of views in all the world. It is a pioneer in offering a superior mix of ancient, diverse and modern lifestyle and the blend is worth boasting about.

3. St Moritz, Switzerland

 St Moritz, Switzerland
St Moritz, Switzerland, Image Sourcce:

It is a popular resort in the Engadine valley. Yes, this destination is one of the top in Switzerland. Swiss Hospitality is worth recommending. You get to view the highest summit in the Eastern Alps. You can’t miss that for anything. Piz Bernina, located to the south, lies just a few kilometres off it.  It is a popular among the elite. Obviously,  it is one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world, with exorbitant and awful spending capacity of the guests. Only the filthy rich deserve this heaven.
Thanks to its Geography, St. Moritz boasts of over 300 days of sunshine a year. All the scrooges in here organise a stupid game which only they enjoy. It’s called the “White Turf” horse race on the frozen Lake St. Moritz attended by the billionaires all over the world. Screw You, Shitheads! I wanna come too. (Hey, that was just a pun, in case you took it heart.)
Activities in which you can indulge on this hill station are skiing, snowboarding, and hiking, the known Cresta Run Toboggan course.

4. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland, Image Source: PlanetWare

This damn city ain’t need no introduction. It is the largest in Switzerland, the big ‘un, yup. It is full of art. It is known for its main attractions. These are dipped in the maple syrup of art and fortified with tons of artsy honey. The architecture and the motifs will simply blow your mind away. You don’t believe me? Then have a look for yourself, mate. Buildings such as Swiss National Museum, Uhrenmuseum Beyer, and North America Native Museum are relics worth gazing at. Even though the city focuses on its buildings, you will find a lot of parks and gardens. There are beautiful gardens. The Zoological Garden, the Chinese Garden, and the Üetliberg. You can go anywhere by train.

5. Poconos, U.S.A

Poconos, U.S.A
Poconos, U.S.A, Image Source: RoadSholar

This hill station boasts of natural activities.  It is a few hours’ drive from most of the major North-eastern cities. These cities are full of the old world charm and scenic locations. I could spend my entire life’s savings by coming here gain and again. There are overnight packages for those who want to hike, look at the flora and the fauna. It is great for water park lovers and travelers of all ages. You can relax at a brew pub. Live life to the fullest in Poconos.

6. Bathurst, Australia

Bathurst, Australia
Bathurst, Australia, Image Source: Pearls of Style

Australia is a vibrant city with rich heritage. It is also popular for its hills. Australia again is a converging point for all things related to nature and technology. There are so many things to do here. I could spend an entire day building a list of outdoor activities that can be done at Bathurst, still it won’t be lover. To the daredevil hiker, you can do all you want here. Australian skiing instructors are the best in the world so you can learn the best tricks. So what are you waiting for? Grab your gear, and head towards Bathurst, friend.

7. New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales, Australia
New South Wales, Australia, Image Source: Flickr

Well, well, this bad boy too has earned a name for itself. New South Wales has more than seven hundred and fifty national parks and reserves which span over such large areas. That’s way too much nature, folks. Whaaddaya say, Mate? These parks are of all kinds. From winter rain-forests, to snow kissed alps, it has it all. Need we say more?

8. Tam Dao, Vietnam

Tam Dao, Vietnam
Tam Dao, Vietnam, Image Source: Journey on Air

TamDao is another hill station that has made it to the lists. It is one of the best winter places to visit in Asia. Why do I say so? Well, it beats a dozen of the oriental hill stations including the best ones from India. The biggest attraction are the Zhang Fu monkeys, or Snow Monkeys. These are distant cousins of the macaques that are found in Japan.

9. Baguio, Phillipines

Baguio, Phillipines
Baguio, Phillipines , Image Source: goodnewspilipinas

This is a sleepy town with lots of recluse. Why do I recommend that you travel here. That’s because it is so cute that you will love staying here. There is so much to do here. All you need is to visit the local markets, sip on some egg-coffee, sample the local cakes and buy some chocolate. Yes, this rustic town has a lot to offer in hideouts. I spent a whole day finding the best offerings of the local markets. But the next day, I splurged big time and started enjoying my stay there.

10. Gilgit, Pakistan

Gilgit, Pakistan
Gilgit, Pakistan, Image Source:

Gilgit city is one of the best mountaineering cities of Pakistan. I was going to recommend Nepal. But you can visit Nepal any time you want. But Pakistan is a one-time visit owing to the disturbed political atmosphere in the country. Almost all trekking expeditions in Karakoram or Himalaya Ranges are full of fun. Here you could enjoy your heart out. Its better than The Himalayan ranges that exist in India. There’s an airport nearby for those who prefer shorter travels.
Ah, now I am tired with all this travel. Time to cool off my heels. Till, then folks.

If I have skipped out any of your favourite hill stations, then comment in the box below and I would write about them in my next listed post. Share this list with your friends.

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