What is the secret of Marilyn Monroe’s skin? .. Her best friend answers

What is the secret of Marilyn Monroe's skin .. Her best friend answers.. Her best friend answers

The late American actress Marilyn Monroe was an icon of beauty from her first appearance on the cinema screen until her death, but the routine that she used to follow to preserve the freshness of her skin was not revealed until recently.

 Monroe adopted on a secret ingredient to preserve the lasting freshness of her skin, according to her classmate Renee Taylor.

Taylor said that Monroe was washing her face and neck with warm water with soap, and avoided the area around her eyes. In the evening, she repeated the morning routine.

Patricia Schofenhauer, Erno Laszlo’s chief historian and trademark officer, said in a video released by the Museum of the Western Village: “I assigned all the prescriptions to all clients, and Marilyn Monroe was focusing on her drier skin, so she could see the results of those prescriptions that help her in oisturizing her skin“.

More than 61 years after Laszlo described Monroe products, the treatment is still available for purchase till today.

In addition to her prescription, Monroe is also reported to have treated her skin with tons of cream” Vaseline”  Marilyn Monroe had one of the brightest skins ever seen, ” said Oscar-nominated Taylor in November.

And she added: ” She came to me one day, and I just had to ask what she did. Marilyn told me that she rubbed her entire body with vaseline, then she went into a hot bath for three hours every morning, noting that this had given her skin a magic glow.

Monroe skin care regimen also includes nutritional instructions, which are not to eat any kind of nuts, chocolate, olives or shellfish.

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