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10 Best Summer Decorating Trends for your New Home

10 Best Summer Decorating Trends for your New Home

Summer is the best time to wake up your creative side and create something interesting and unique that will bring a fresh new look in your home and that will scream SUMMER IS THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!!! Among all the seasons we experience, there is just one season that inspires contradicting reactions and responses in individuals. The season is summer! Summer is the welcome heat, outdoors, travel, pool play for some while for others, it is mind-numbing heat, indoor relaxation, avoiding sunburn and comfortable sleep. Whatever the season may mean to you personally, there is no reason to suffer it. Summer months can be made pleasurable and fun, by making minor decor changes in your home.


Paint is one of the main features of a house, in all its forms: paintings hanging on the walls, cans of paint in her study room, brushes and colorful spots scattered here and there. Regardless of whether you’re not a painter yourself, you can generally depend on some unique home stylistic theme piece to include a touch of that bohemian, imaginative vibe to your home!

Create art walls 

The best advantage of natural light is when it adds its own brightness to walls filled with art. Heavy metal and brass items look very ominous in summer, and replacing them with art works from flea markets and bargain buys can transform any space in the home.

Sturdy wood furniture

What better time than summer to spruce up old furniture? Old chairs, tables and upholstery can be given a fresh coat of paint or varnish in the summer months. This gives new life to tired chairs, messy tables and boring beds. A sky blue or grassy green hue to chairs and lacquered look to tables, gives them a totally different look. Another feature is the abundance of sturdy wood furniture: cabinets, tables, desks, chairs. Every piece has clearly been carefully manufactured, yet at the same time every piece also remains unpretentious: its function is to well, be functional, rather than being a mere decoration

Reddish floor tiles

Characterize your floor with pretty traditional, hexagonal terracotta tiles on the floor. You will love the beehive effect of hexagonal tiles, but if you’re not a fan, you can choose a more static design: rectangular terracotta tiles are even more timeless and traditional. This choice for your flooring is going to create a warm, informal atmosphere that will always make you feel welcome. You can choose traditional, contemporary or whimsical according to your lifestyle and choice. No matter how you use them, they will pop their elegance and be the focal point. There are dozens of botanical options to choose from.


The blinds and curtains are one of the most significant components to consider in interior design: they make an approach to channel the light through the windows and the curtains is a principal component in any condition, and we should pick carefully the material and adornment of these components. Curtains are normally organized vertically, and it is outlandish not to see them when they have brilliant hues and nitty gritty embellishments. They are the ideal household item to nimbly acquaint tropical style with your home, with a discrete naturalistic drawing on their texture.


During summer, the buzzwords are minimal, open and light. Simple things such as throwing open the windows and doors, pulling back curtains or hanging light cotton ones, placing a few small cushions around in light aquas or lavender tints immediately liven up the space. Stow away heavy rugs, accessories and throws for the colder months.


Like many houses has an inner courtyard, which, according to your taste, is populated with lots of exotic plants and animals. Now, regardless of whether or not the climate of your area allows you to keep exotic plants, we’re sure there is nothing stopping you from populating your own courtyard with plants! Always make sure to choose a simple design for your pots: you can use a simple terracotta, so make sure to choose an understated design. Planters, climbers, succulents can be placed in vases, large shells, glass terrariums and bowls. They add textural nuances, lend character to the home and do not cost much. 

Make your own air conditioner

Do diminish the temperature of your home by following this straightforward do it without anyone else’s help method. Fill a metal compartment with ice water and spot it under the fan in your lounge room. This will convey cold air over the room lessening the warmth to a limited degree. To make this look alluring, place fake blossoms in the holder to give a vibe of a counterfeit bloom container.

Go casual 

Summer provides the best opportunity to go casual in dining and silverware. Elaborate dining sets, heavy silver and ornate serving ware can be replaced by glass, porcelain or steel to serve summery cocktails, light food and desserts. Summer is all about a lightness in life, and this must reflect in whatever we use.

Take your life outdoors 

Summers are the best time to do things outside, have a picnic in the yard, breakfast in the lawn, barbecue with friends and enjoy time sunbathing, reading, playing by the pool or board games with the family. There’s much fun and bonding that happens when the old and young relax and unwind together. Adding a lamplight in a covered porch can make summer pleasant, more so in the evenings. Take advantage of the time that can be spent outside as much as possible. You can add Metal Buildings Sheds in your yard for family space. 

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