A stunning video of microscopic parasites “a vampire” feeding on small crustaceans

microscopic parasites "a vampire" feeding on small crustaceans, Image Credit: Youtube - Nikon Instruments Inc

A video of a powerful microscopic parasite devouring small crustaceans from the inside until it reaches the outside, in a very exciting scene.

The video was taken by the independent scientist, Richard Kirby, film director and former university research fellow at the Royal Society for University Research (Royal Society university research), Who won the famous annual Nikon Award “Nikon Small World in Motion prize”, for this work.

The video shows paddles (a group of small, crustacean-shaped microorganisms that are able to adapt, and can live in fresh and salt water), infected with a powerful microscopic parasite called vampyrophyra pelagica .

Such crustaceans can be found on the sea floor, in algae, and under leaves in humid forests, and other locations.

Ripe leg oars are usually measured between one millimeter and two millimeters, and live on a diet consisting of most phytoplankton.

Podiatrines are often the target of microscopic parasites known as vampyrophyra pelagica. , Which sticks to the outer shell structure of the crustaceans and then encircles them as a protective bag.

The parasite remains inactive until the host is infected or eliminated by other crustaceans.

At this point, the vampire parasites exit the protective bags and enter the body of crustaceans through wounds and begin feeding on the cytoplasm (the main component that fills the cell), effectively eating the body from the inside until it reaches the outside.

Kirby was able to capture this event using named photography darkfield microscopy, Which is one of two technologies used to capture microscopic life with video.

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