Dead Sea Turned True To Its Name

Dead Sea

No matter how much you try, you will never drown in the Dead Sea. Says the theory of the “Natural Buoyancy ”

Is it true in every case, for every living being ? Nobody dies in it?
Well let’s find out.The dead sea lies 1300 ft below sea level. It is located in the valley which is surrounded by West bank, Jordan and Israel.  We have all read about the Dead Sea and its exceedingly salty waters.

The dead sea lies 1300 ft below sea level. It is located in the valley which is surrounded by West bank, Jordan and Israel.  We have all read about the Dead Sea and its exceedingly salty waters. 

Great Rulers , such as King David,King Herod, Jesus, and John the Baptist walked the paths of the sea of the Dead. Egyptians used minerals extracted from the dead sea for embalming the mummies. No seaweed or a plant surround the Dead Sea. No fishes , sharks or living creature of any kind can live in these waters.

But the sea of the dead, lives in its stories which are well preserved in its caves and cliffs and the stars overhead. Stories of life and stories of death.

The name Dead Sea itself is not the kind that would attract tourists from around the world. People still have made it one of the most popular tourist destination. It is believed that the miraculously salty waters of the sea is a cure to a number to diseases. Yet another belief that people cannot drown in water. Maybe not, if one goes into the water in an accustomed way.

Dea Sea

But if a person falls facedown in the sea , the result would be their face ending up entirely into the sea water causing enough salt to enter their body, which may result in body shutting itself down and It’s hard to turn your body backwards when the water will keep pushing your body upwards. People kill themselves by poisoning themselves with the huge amounts of salt in the sea. This was the reason why 21 people had to be pulled out by the lifeguards from the sea in the year 2010.

Another “Death part” of the dead sea story is that the sea itself is dying. It has been researched upon that the Dead sea is receding 1 metre every year. It is also said that the sea will die by the year 2050.

When experts were asked about what can be done so stop it from drying up, they answered, ” nothing can stop it “. The very obvious reason for this happening is the human’s nature of intervening in everything happening naturally .

They are building pipelines, and reservoirs and Dams to store and divert the river water to different directions. The only source of water into the sea is the river Jordan and a few tributaries , which due to the human’s practices of the so called “Development” , is blocked .

Dead Sea

There is another huge issue grasping it, i.e. Sinkholes…As the water shrinks, the fresh water aquifers recede along with it. When the freshwater spreads inside the salt deposits below the surface of the shoreline, it dissolves the deposits and the earth over it collapses, without any warning. In the past 12-15 years, around 1000 sinkholes have appeared on the shores of the dead sea.

A few have eaten up small portion of roads, datepalms and a few buildings. This has made it difficult to build anything as experts say, it will also be a huge risk. Dead sea has many birds , plants and wildlife dependent upon it. The death of this water body will lead  to the death of many ecosystems.

 Next time you visit the dead sea, look out for sinkholes . They name the sinkholes by a human name, after a person drowns in it…

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