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How do you get a long-lasting lipstick?

How do you get a long-lasting lipstick?

The ideal lipstick is the one that has a strong color and remains for hours.

But with eating, drinking and talking sometimes it does not stay in place or reach the teeth.

For long-wearing lipstick, Actress Dakota Johnson’s beauty expert Patti Dubrov revealed her own way of keeping lipstick on the mouth of the famous artist at parties and events.

How do you get a long-lasting lipstick

Saying: “There is no such thing as a bold red lip to increase your happiness with your distinctive look. First of all, leave the lip balm on it properly before applying any color, preparing with a mild balm is important but it needs to be done in advance.”

And she continued: “If the lips dry a little, try to remove the chips using a toothbrush and rub the lips, as soon as you clean the lips and remove excess skin, put a basic layer of color directly from the tube to the lips, then gently press with your finger to distribute it over the entire area, and to fix the color in place define lips with a pen of the same shade.

How do you get a long-lasting lipstick

She added: “add another layer of lipstick, and using a tissue to help remove pigment residue, to make the lipstick last longer. repeat this process several times to ensure the color is pressed and closed in the skin. Get rid of the slight residue with a small brush on the edges of the lip to ensure that appearance and will not move. “

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