Joaquin Phoenix, An Inspiring Speech On Oscar Night

Phoenix won an Academy Award for Best Actor

Immediately after receiving the Academy Award for Best Actor, Joaquin Phoenix made an “inspiring” speech, in which he spoke about himself and his career, as well as some humanitarian issues..

Phoenix won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his exceptional role in a movie “The Joker”, and it is the second prize for this character in 11 years.

In his speech to the audience, the 45-year-old American star said , “I do not feel any superiority over my fellow candidates in this hall, because we all share the same love.”.

He added ” I believe that the greatest gift given to me and to many people in this field is the opportunity to use our voices to talk about the voiceless. I have always thought about the sad problems we face collectively.”.

“We work in the technical field for one reason despite the different ways and means. Whether we address problems such as inequality, racism, human rights, indigenous rights or animal rights, our main goal is to combat injustice”.

“We are fighting against any belief that one nation, one people or one race has the right to control and control the other,” he said.”.

And he gave Joaquin is an example of what is happening in the world by saying, “We plunder resources from our natural world without right.. we feel qualified to vaccinate a cow artificially, and then steal her calf, despite the cries of pain, which the eye does not miss it .. and then take their milk to put it in our coffee”.

The “Joker” star devoted the last part of his speech to talking about himself, highlighting that he was “a rascal and selfish” at some times in his life.

He added ” I was tomorrow in my life. I was selfish, cruel at times and difficult to work with me, and I am happy that many in this room gave me a second chance … We should not cancel each other because of our past mistakes, our strength in helping each other grow and develop.”.

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