Nutella Has Unhealthy Ingredients

For all you Nutella lovers out there, it’s time you stopped gorging over this tasty yet unhealthy delicacy.Why?

That’s what I am going to reveal in this post.

There are so many recipes whose foundation stone rests on Nutella alone. In fact, if you start browsing through Google, you will be amazed to see the number of dishes that can be pelted out with Nutella alone.

How did we discover what was wrong with this yummy taste enhancing spread? You can slather over almost anything you can lay your hands upon. (I remember using it in my banana split, but that was something I would limit to myself.)

Getting back to the point, it is loaded with a lot of unhealthy ingredients which could harm you in the long run.

Bread spread
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Our Experiment

We took a bottle of Nutella and took it for a test drive (seriously). Our idea was to put it in an area with some sort of induced heating. We could do it on direct heat, otherwise the whole stuff could get burnt

After a few minutes, the solids and the oil started separating. With in a few hours the whole oil had separated.
When we decanted the liquid from the mixture, we were shocked to see what lay in front of our eyes.

Would you believe, we got a glassful of oil? Now that’s gross? Why? Let me explain the whole thing to you.

Nutella Is Loaded With Palm Oil

It is one of the worst oils for your health. It contains a substituent called palmolein which is a saturated fat. It solidifies around room temperature. Not only can it block your arteries, it can be cancerous in the longer run.


Nutella Has Tons Of Sugar

I will not disclose the amount of sugar that goes into it. But it is a lot. Even the physicians are appalled by the insane amount of sugar that has been pelted into the mixture.
All I can say, is that you need to avoid it as much as possible. I know its difficult, but health should be your first priority.
But there are a lot of Nutella lovers, sigh! I hope you do not curse me, folks, because what I said was totally true.

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