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These Are Scariest Places On Earth

Scariest Places On Earth, Image Source: Wikipedia

These are Scariest Places on earth that will terrify you to the hilt.

When you see the images of these places, you will pray you weren’t here.

No matter what, you will have a hard time getting it out of your mind. Just so that you do not get scared we are simply giving you a sneak preview of the ten most scariest places in this world.

Presenting To You Scariest Places On Earth – These Will Spook You Surely

Don’t These Pictures Show Otherworldly Presence?

Eastern State Penitentiary, USA

This is one of the spookiest places on this planet. If you have a look at these images, don’t you get an eerie feeling that somebody is walking behind you? If the picture gives you the creeps, imagine what being in the penitentiary would be like. Do you know, notable gangster Al Capone stayed here for some time? This state prison was in action for a whopping 140 years (1829-1969). Now it is an art exhibit center which doubles as a ghost tour venue.

Eastern State Penitentiary
Eastern State Penitentiary, Image Source: Whyy

Aseki in Papua New Guinea

Kuku-Kuku people of Aseki in Papua New Guinea bury their dead in the most peculiar way possible. They lay their ancestors to rest in furniture and other wooden contraptions and then embalm them in mummifying herbs. They lay in front of them. If you miss them , then you can go have a look at them. Pretty eerie, I say.

Aseki in Papua New Guinea
Aseki in Papua New Guinea, Image Source:

Seneca Lake, New York, USA

This old farmhouse has near Lake Seneca was abandoned YEARS ago. The deserted look is accentuated by the dumped cars that ought to be in the scrapyard. It would be difficult to walk here all alone at night.

New York Farmhouse, Lake Seneca
New York Farmhouse, Lake Seneca, Image Source: Pinterest

Chateau Miranda, Namur, Belgium

Built in 1866, this property has a gothic touch to it. After all, it was built by an English architect. It was even occupied by the Nazis during World War 2.

Chateau Miranda, Namur, Belgium, Image Source: Messy Nessy

Sagada, Phillipines

Famous for its hanging coffins, this place definitely gives you the creeps. The way they bury people is similar to Aseki, Papua New Guinea. This is a traditional way of burying people is still in practice and tourists are surely frightened when they see it for the first time.

Sagada, Phillipines
Sagada, Phillipines, Image Source:

Dadi Park, Dadizele, Belguim

This park has a history that is quite creepy as well. A boy has lost his arm in a Nautic Power Jet ride. The park shut down after the controversy. Now the park looks quite terrifying and one will never wish to come to this place again.

Dadi Park, Dadizele, Belguim
Dadi Park, Dadizele, Belguim, Image Source: Wikimedia

Six Flags Amusement Park, New York, USA

This too is an abandoned property. It was once buzzing with excitement. Now it remains aloof with no one. These creepy images is a reflection of the condition the amusement park is in.

Six Flags Amusement Park, New York, Image Source:

Christ Of The Abyss, San Fruttoso

An underwater statue of Jesus in the San Fruttoso Abbey is quite remarkable. But underwater with all the growth on it, the looks are too macabre and you wonder whether the statue that lay in front of you is good or evil. Looking at it in this post makes me nervous. Maybe the eyes could glow up and the statue would start giving an evil grin.

Christ Of The Abyss, San Fruttoso
Christ Of The Abyss, San Fruttoso, Image Source: Pinterest

Beelitz Heilstätten Military Hospital, Brandenburg, Germany

After the second world war, the property has become even scarier with the looks of abandon and isolation.

As you take a walk in the premises, you realize that you are not alone. Maybe it could be the apparition of a nazi concentration camp victim. Or some tyrannical SS officer’s troubled soul could be following you.

Beelitz Heilstätten Military Hospital, Brandenburg, Germany , Image Source: Flickr

That is our list on scariest places on earth. You could read about more haunted places that could give you nightmares and other places in the world.

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