This Homeless Dog Was Beaten Up And Left To Die !

I have seen dogs living pathetic lives. In fact, their lives are devoid and depleted and without much resources.

There are so many homeless dogs in USA. Most of them are assigned to dog shelters. In the end their lives are terminated owing to the shortage of space in such avenues. That is damn unlucky.
Meet Luca, a homeless dog who was almost beaten to death by a few mindless unruly hooligans. They hit the dog repeatedly, until it bled. Dunno what happened to them, but they spared the critter’s life.

It hung on to its dear life thanks to its survival instinct. People like this who pelt atrocities over animals should be punished. I wish I could lay my hands over these rogues. I would love to see them behind the bars.
Needless to say, Luca was quite despondent during that period.
Some onlookers took pity on it and got it to a vet. Luca was in a bad shape as reported by the vet.

But looking at his calm and serenity, the vet got hope and treated it. The treatment was successful.
After Luca’s health got restored, he regained health. Now the canine is healthy and is full of light.

Its vivacity is simply incredible. There were tears in my eyes when I saw the whole video.

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