Uncover the secret of long life

Secrets of Long Life

David Angus, founder of the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute of Transformational Medicine at the University of Southern California, revealed at the annual “Good Moscow” gathering in the Russian capital, the secret of longevity.

The American expert stated that it is necessary to eat only natural foods and stop taking vitamins, supplements and nutritional supplements.

He also indicated that no one should forget or neglect vaccination, including against influenza, and with dinner sip a glass of good wine.

He said: “It is very important to avoid loneliness … “Do not stay alone.”

He also urged that all matters and actions be completed at least two hours before sleep so that the brain does not burden, while the body must get used to a daily life system, and provide a comfortable and quiet place to sleep.

In addition, he is advised to spend life on the move and not being satisfied with exercise in the gym.

In last October, Italian nutritionists revealed the secret to the longevity of their citizens, noting that Italy is one of the leading countries in the length of life, with men living on average up to 81 years, and women up to 85.

And it turns out that the secret lies in healthy and high-quality food, where the diet of Italians is rich in proteins, folic acid, antioxidants, vitamins A and E.

Also, dietitians advise whoever wants to prolong their body’s youth for as long as possible, eat dairy products, vegetables, salads and fresh grapefruit juice in the morning.

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