Medical advice determines the “ideal number” of coffee cups

Medical advice determines the "ideal number" of coffee cups

Coffee is popular in all countries of the world, and people are keen to drink it so that they get rid of drowsiness after waking up.

Or while doing their jobs, but consuming “caffeine” in large quantities may harm health.

According to the “Chosun Elbo” website, the global average of drinking coffee reaches 132 Cubans per person per year, but some countries exceed this limit. In South Korea, for example, the rate reached 353 cups per person, in 2018.

Doctors say that drinking coffee requires attention to some things, such as timing, because drinking it after two o’clock in the afternoon can lead to sleep confusion, and therefore, it is better for a person to avoid drinking coffee after eating lunch.

Studies confirm that coffee plays a positive role in burning fats, as well as protection against diseases such as type 2 diabetes and dementia.

In addition, those who love coffee should reduce sugar, because sweet drinks contain a high number of calories, and this increases the risk of obesity and related diseases such as diabetes and heart disorders.

Health experts say that it is better for a person not to drink more than two cups of coffee per day, but caffeine is not only present in coffee, but we also consume it in tea and soft drinks.

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