What if ... the sound is traveling in space?

Sound is vibrations in the form of mechanical waves, which travel through a physical medium such as air, water, or solid objects. For example, if we click on a string, its vibration forces the molecules of the medium around it, which is air, to vibrate, then these air…

New photos of Jupiter showing amazing thunderstorms

Astronomers have managed to capture high-resolution images of Jupiter using a technique known as “lucky photography,” the Guardian reported. The images, monitored by the Jimny North Telescope in Hawaii, reveal storms and lightning strikes forming around the…
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Mummy speaks after 3,000 years of mummification

In an exciting and amazing scientific discovery, scientists managed to reach the voice of the Egyptian Pharaonic mummy for the first time. After 3 thousand years have passed since her death and mummification.. The sound is attributed to an Egyptian priest called…

Why life is not limited to the Earth planet only?

Earth’s conquest of space and the possibility of aliens invading our planet have become a controversial issue in the scientific community. Especially with the increase of amazing discoveries at this level and the latest of them. what experts have revealed about how…

Do not be fooled on the Internet .. Reveal fake photos

Smart Use of Reverse Image Search to Track Plagiarism The breadth of social media platforms and technology tools has coincided with the proliferation of illustrative and expressive images, which are a major factor in the functions and purposes of this development.

Cheapest Smartphone Of The World

For all those people who would love to own something cool under four dollars, here’s a deal. Can you guess what deal I am offering you? I am presenting a smartphone that would come under four dollars flat. What you don’t believe me? Well, then chew your hearts out…