4 Dating Mistakes that Could Lose You Someone Special

4 Dating Mistakes that Could Lose You Someone Special

While you should be yourself on a date, you can lose someone special by revealing a part of you a little too soon. Here are some things you might be doing wrong on your dates. 

Defining Your Ideal Partner

Use one of the best hookup apps to find a date; but, don’t tell what qualities your ideal partner would have in your view. The person in front of you could be your perfect partner and not have those qualities. 

Talking About How Awesome You Are

You are great, but first dates are interviews and about the other person. Instead of talking too much about yourself, show interest in the other person. Ask them what they do to make them feel special. Once you build a bond, the other person may not mind the narcissistic side of you (if you have any).

Being a Little too Honest

Honesty is the best policy, but it’s just the first date. Don’t put out information that is just too much to handle at first dates—for example, no need to share your medical history or anything about your ex.

Be Careful with Your Sense of Humor

Girls love humorous guys, and guys would kill for a girl with a good sense of humor. That said, your senses of humor may not necessarily match. Unless you are absolutely sure that joke or comment would be loved by the other person, don’t make it. Once you say something funny that the other person doesn’t find funny, that’s the end of your date.

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