4 Qualities Men Look For In A Perfect Girlfriend

Perfect Girlfriend

What exactly being a perfect girlfriend is? What are the qualities that men look in for, to actually consider a girl as a perfect girlfriend?

Undoubtedly there’s no concept known as perfection when it comes to we human beings but then love is surely something that somehow tends to be about finding perfection in each other’s flaws too.
Men aren’t really expressive but there are surely some qualities they expect when it comes to finding themselves a perfect girlfriend.
So let’s take a look at the qualities men look for in their girlfriends :-

1. She’s independent

independent girlfriend

Men like it when the woman he’s with, is an independent woman. Be it in terms of financial stability or emotional strength or career goals, she is independent. Moreover, men don’t like it when women treat their boyfriends as their guardian.

2. She should be friendly

Perfect Girlfriend

Men expect that no matter how long it has been that you and he have been dating but the friendship factor shouldn’t fade away. Generally relationships turn bad and less magical because of the fact that women forget being friendly and fun-loving with their partners. Apart from that he loves it when you love his friends as much as he does.

3. She is an encourager # perfect girlfriend

She is an encourage , perfect girlfriend

Which man on this earth wouldn’t like it when his girlfriend encourages him at every step of his life? Be it about his professional/career decisions or about his personal issues and constraints. A man always looks in for an encourager in his girlfriend, someone he knows would always encourage him rather than de-motivate.

4. She doesn’t nag all the time

Now a perfect girlfriend never overreacts on inconsequential stuff. Men like women who are mature and calm rather than the ones who pick up fights on every small topic. According to men, an all the time nagging kinda girlfriend makes them frustrated rather than happy.

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