Casual Style Guide For Men: 7 Pro Tips To Look Great While Relaxing

Casual Style

Being fashion savvy, I always marvel at male celebs who rock every casual look without even a hint of unease. Whether the paparazzi spot Ashton Kutcher at a sporting event or photograph Hugh Jackman while walking his dogs, they all nail the laid back style so effortlessly.

I know you would say they have stylists – and tons of cash – who deserve the credit for their photogenic looks. The reason behind them pulling off casual looks so well is staying comfortable and relaxed in whatever they are wearing.

Popular men’s fashion influencer Antonio Centeno says, “Casual means comfortable, not sloppy!”

For most men, casual dressing is a total of jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. I agree that’s the norm, and you feel quite comfortable in this outfit.

But, does it hurt to break the monotony, without compromising on your comfort? It doesn’t.

Let me tell you some fantastic tips on how you can look awe-inspiring while dressing casually.

  1. Be careful about your grooming

Grooming habits shape your personality, whether you are lounging at home or attending a formal event. An unkempt beard or hair that desperately needs styling gives you an untidy look. This untidiness won’t be compensated by how much money you spend on clothing.

On the other hand, you will look impressive even with a thrift store-bought clothing if your hair is styled and your facial hair is trimmed.

Not only hair and beard, but you should also take proper care of your personal hygiene. Use a facial scrub occasionally, brush your teeth properly, and never forget to cut your nails.

Staying casual doesn’t mean you can be careless towards hygiene.

These grooming habits will give you that inner confidence needed to pull off casual looks like a celebrity.

  • Fit doesn’t only apply to formal wear

We often pay attention to a custom fit only for formal attire such as a suit. However, all sorts of casual clothing like jackets, trousers, jeans, semi-formal shirts, and even t-shirts need appropriate fitting to look good.

Loose and baggy clothes are a big turn off. So, make sure that the clothes you are wearing fit you.

Always take the measurements of your waist, collar, shoulders, sleeve length, and full length beforehand when buying any clothing item for casual wear.

Remember that unless it fits perfectly, you can never nail the look of any outfit. With loose outfits, you will look sloppy and waste your money.

  • Choose fabrics according to functionality

When it comes to fabric options for casual wear, the choices are endless. These fabrics provide you comfort and ease. Therefore quality is of utmost importance.

Have you ever noticed how collars of an informal and semi-formal shirt are softer than those in the formal shirts?

You have to be careful with choosing the material of your clothing, keeping functionality in mind. Athleisure wear is the right option to wear rather than tight jeans if you are out for a run or any other outdoor activity.

Similarly, if you are going out for a casual meetup with friends, you can dress down stylishly in a light shaded denim shirt over a basic white t-shirt and dark jeans.   

  • Don’t ignore your undergarments

Now this one is something that should top the list of fashion tips!

Before choosing which outfit to wear, ensure that the undergarments you are wearing are super comfy. Be it an undershirt or your boxer briefs, comfort and quality are of prime importance.

If your undergarments are comfortable, it will help you pull off the laid back style even better. The secret of looking comfortable indeed begins with the basics.

When buying undergarments, make sure that they are made of breathable fabric and have sweat-wicking properties. Also, they should be comfortable enough not to impede your walking.

Tight undergarments result in constant itching and chaffing. And I don’t need to tell you how bad you look if you feel the need to itch there when sitting in a gathering.

  • Let colors dominate your casual wardrobe

I love the fact of how casual clothing is way more versatile than formal wear. Not only can you choose bolder colors, but you can also style it better.

Informal clothes give you multiple color options to experiment with. With formal clothing, you only have a few options like navy blue, brown, and black.

Do not feel afraid to include red, green, yellow, orange shirts and jackets in your wardrobe. These colors’ do have some classification, like bright red being more informal than burgundy, or a dark forest green being more towards semi-formal.

  • Look into other options besides jeans

Oh ok, I am not saying anything bad about your much-loved jeans, but think about this:

Why are you limiting yourself to a particular style of bottoms when you have such diverse and comfortable options out there?

You can find trousers in amazingly comfy materials and styles that can easily be worn instead of jeans. Form-fitting sweatpants are also an excellent option. The key is to diversify your bottom wear as you do for upper wear.

  • Accessories will level up your style

Two people are wearing the same clothes. Now, what would set them apart? Accessories.

Men have so many options for accessories when it comes to casual looks. You can experiment with watches, and go for a leather strap or metal one. A bracelet or two on your wrists also looks incredibly classy.

You can also wear rings, but be careful not to go overboard with jewelry that may kill the style.

Headwear such as hats, caps, and beanies look perfect with a casual outfit. They elevate the style tremendously, so don’t miss the opportunity to look great the next time you step out.

Last but not least, have a nice pair of sunglasses that you can wear while stepping out during the day. Sunglasses are protective accessories that work simultaneously to make you look uber stylish.

In a nutshell

The phrase “dress to impress” is not only applicable to your formal outfits but casual alike. Some guys make the mistake of looking messy on their days off, and it is the worst thing you can do if you want to portray yourself as a dapper.

Follow the tips mentioned above to pull off almost any casual look and give something valuable for onlookers to observe every time you dress up.

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