Chinese blogger “disclose Wuhan”: This is what they told us about Corona

Wuhan was the epicenter of the pandemic in China

A Chinese blogger revealed what it considered “misleading” of the Wuhan authorities to residents about the emerging coronavirus, after it first spread to the city, which later became the epicenter of the pandemic.

The “Daily Mail” newspaper quoted Chinese blogger Fang Fang as saying that the Chinese authorities had told residents of Wuhan that the coronavirus is not contagious”.

Fang, 64, said her brother, who teaches in the Huazhong Science and Technology University, was the first to tell her that the virus is contagious, despite receiving information that “it can be controlled and prevented”.

On December 31, the academician informed his sister of a suspected case of an unknown virus in Wuhan, and it wasn’t long before the authorities announced that the virus was “not contagious and not transmitted from person to person”, which caused residents to breathe a sigh of relief.

The disclosure comes at a time when the chief consultant in China warned Zhong Nanshan, from the fact that the country still faces the “great challenge” of a second wave of coronavirus.

In statements to CNN, he said that the authorities in Wuhan had withheld “basic details” about the extent of the crisis, with the spread of the virus at the beginning of the year.

Dr. Chung added, “At present, the majority of Chinese are still vulnerable to coronavirus infection. We face a great challenge. We are not in a better position than other countries, “despite the significant decline in the number of cases reported daily.

Blogger Fang, who was born in Nanjing but moved to Wuhan at the age of two, posted her notes on Chinese social media, Weibo and Wei Chat, but the authorities quickly deleted her.

In her memoirs, Fang described the stampede of face masks, food and supplies throughout the city with a population of about 11 million, as well as the state of panic in the population there.

In early February, the blogger described the dark scene inside the crematorium in Wuhan, and attached the article to a picture sent to her by a friend working in the medical sector, and this article became the most read on her blog.

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