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How Can Discourse Repair the Tear in the Social Fabric

How Can Discourse Repair the Tear in the Social Fabric

There are many communities around the world that look at what is happening to their fellows and speak up for justice, when required. Having a mindset that allows Individuals to open their ears to other people’s problems and not merely thinking about self-interests is what the world needs.

There are so many things that go wrong in the world. So many people are not being treated right. So many problems in many areas of life. Opening hearts and ears to even listen to these can be a great start. It could lead to a better world in the future.

However, there is a need to repair the social fabric. To speak up right then and there. No matter how insignificant an issue might seem, it can be huge for the person going through it. That’s what an ideal social fabric would be. Everyone has the right morals and is doing something to positively impact others’ lives.

Helping Fellow Humans

Many problems are going on in the world. Some of which are quite significant and affect a majority of people. While others might be small things that happen to someone. The people need help in their troubled times from fellow humans. As a society, it is essential to give those individuals suffering, in any way, assistance. It can be by speaking out or sharing opinions.

Speaking Against Wrong

Many issues arise when individuals start speaking up and drawing more attention to wrongdoings. Mainly when the people responsible for the sinful act hold power. That is why people stay quiet and avoid coming into the light, even though they know it’s not right.

There is an infinite number of cases worldwide that have gone past quietly, simply because the victims may be afraid for their lives. Even the witnesses fail to speak out because the person who committed the act was a friend, loved one, or an influential person.

How to Share Your Story

Several online platforms, like The Doe, exist to help people tell their stories, share their options, and relay a message to the general public. The author can even name themselves as John Doe to avoid any consequences of sharing their storing. Discourse is a great way to start the repairs on the social fabric of communities worldwide. It doesn’t matter if it is done anonymously or spoken out loud for the whole world to hear. With discourse, people can help others and the community.

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