How do you distinguish between original and fake perfumes?

Original and Fake Perfumes

As we know, there are a lot of fake perfumes sold on the market. Of course, you can easily know that the perfume is a fake from its cheap price.

Or that the label is different even if it is a letter from the original name of the perfume, or that the perfume logo differs from the well-known. 

The signs can be easily distinguished without having to cleverly ask the seller: (Is this perfume original?) Because the answer would be very intuitive even if it seemed to you that it was imitated! 

What we are talking about in the article is how to distinguish between original perfumes and another version that is very similar in appearance or smell. As some merchants strive to imitate perfumes and sell counterfeits at the same or a little less original price. 

How do you avoid being trapped? Especially if you are going to buy perfume online?  

How do you distinguish between original and fake perfumes?

Packaging and shape of the packaging

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First of all, the first thing you notice when buying a perfume is the shape of the packaging. Many counterfeit perfumes have the name of the perfume written on it differently from the original perfume to avoid violating the original company’s proprietary rights, such as finding unclear spelling errors in the name or description of the perfume. 

You should also check the origin of the fragrance usually printed at the bottom of the bottle and say: “… Made in” Although some imitation perfumes print the same origin for the original perfume on the bottle. 

Another thing that he should turn your attention to is the quality of the bottle so that it should not be impeccable, meaning that its surface is smooth with no air bubbles inside the glass, that the patterns are accurate, and that there are no smudges on the texts or logos. 

The cap should also stick tightly to the bottle, and should not slide off when turning the perfume bottle upside down..  

The fragrance

The perfume fragrance
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The perfume in the bottle should be completely transparent “without any sediments or nuances”. The liquid should not be cloudy, or have sediment at the bottom of the bottle. 

As is well known, the original multi-layered fragrance consists of an overlay, a heart layer and a base layer, while you will not find this multi-layered composition in the imitation perfume. 

And if you suspect that the perfume is not original, you should avoid spraying it directly on your skin because you do not know the chemicals in it and the harm it may cause to your health..  


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Many people think that the barcode for perfumes shows whether or not the perfume is original. In fact, you should not judge a perfume from its barcode, as it can easily be faked with a special drawing program. The barcode printed on the package shows the location and time of the perfume production, and it is important to know that the perfume itself may be produced in different locations and thus the barcode symbol for the perfume itself may differ. 

Perfumes made in France contain a barcode from 30 to 37, perfumes made in England start with 50, German industry starts with 400-404, Spanish with 85, and Italian with 80-83, which are made in the United States and Canada starting with 00 -09.  


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Decoding a perfume means erasing the information that explains the place the intended sale of the perfume is, “such as scanning the batch number, and there is usually a poster indicating the country of origin.” For example, if there is a perfume for India, it would be much less expensive if it was intended for sale in Europe. 

Therefore, if a Nada distributor sells it to a European distributor, its final price will be less than the purchase of the product from Europe. But the chance that the “unencrypted” fragrance is fake is almost close to zero, since decoding perfumes for a counterfeit product does not make sense.  

Fallacies in the distinction between original perfumes and imitation..

Fallacies in the distinction between original perfumes and imitation..
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One of the things that may be mistaken for some to distinguish between an original or imitation fragrance is the smell and aroma, so the perfume is judged to be authentic from its high firmness and aroma, while this is a mistake that should not be taken to judge the perfume. 

Some of the original perfumes have a much less fragrant perfume than the counterfeit perfume and may not last for as long as the imitation perfume. The reason for this is that imitation perfumes are often used in combination with aromatic oils and aromatic chemicals that may be prohibited often because of their risk to health, but they increase the stability of the perfume, while these chemicals adulterated in the original perfumes are not used. 

Another thing that you should not take to judge the fragrance as being original or not, is the need to find information about the composition of the fragrance or some of its data engraved below the package, whether prominent or sunken. 

Nowadays, writing is rarely found engraved beneath the original perfume bottles, contrary to popular belief, and a sticky sticker may be satisfied to illustrate this data. 

And to ensure that your dear reader does not fall into the nets of cheaters, be sure to buy your perfume from reliable and well-known stores that many people handle, whether it is a local store or on the Internet.  

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