Top ten tips to a Coronavirus Lockdown Body Transformation

Top ten tips to a Coronavirus Lockdown Body Transformation, Image Credit:

Imagine emerging from lockdown and your friends gasp in astonishment as you have become living proof that age can in fact be reversed. You look fresh and you have transformed not just from the outside, you’ve actually regenerated your body’s cells and organs from the inside out. You are positively glowing!

With determination, focus and drive it’s possible and we’ll give you 10 tips on how to do it. Or you could be lazy and just take a magic tablet called Synext that delivers the same daily health and beauty benefits in much greater quantities. Synext product series has been developed by PhD graduates from the University of Sydney and it is now available to buy online and in pharmacies nationwide.

This way you can watch Netflix and chillax smugly knowing you are going to emerge from lockdown looking and feeling like a total superstar with a rock solid immune system.

Synext product series come with two forms: the fast-acting Synext 30 tablets and mild acting Synext Lite 60 tablets. It is scientifically proven that the active ingredients in both forms of Synext can stimulate AMPK activation, which is normally achieved naturally by combining exercise, calorie restriction and fasting.

One daily dose of Synext/Synext Lite tablets can deliver the same benefits that you get from doing ALL of the following in one day.

  1. Exercising: A 1 hour HIIT session that Boosts your Metabolism

One serve of Synext tablets has AMPK activators that provide the same beneficial results you get from one hour of intensive exercise.

  1. Meditate: Improving your General Wellbeing

Synext has Curcumin, Quercetin and CoQ10 that reduce inflammation levels, relief chronic pain, arthritis, and improve skin conditions and general well-being. Taken daily you will get the same results in one month as you would if you meditated daily for more than a year.

  1. Drink a glass of red wine and eat a packet of peanuts as both contain Quercetin & Resveratrol detoxifying your body with beneficial antioxidants

Your daily dosage of Synext provides the benefits you get from drinking 105 glasses of wine so save on drinking all those empty calories and reap the benefits instead. Synext contains high amounts of Resveratrol which activates of the longevity enzyme Sirtuin 1 so if you want to become a centurion this is a great way to maximise your efforts.

  1. Eating a healthy diet that includes a variation of 50 plus different vegetables, fruits and spices every day

One Synext tablet provides the benefits that over 50 different servings of fruit, vegetables and spices can provide in one day giving you a super boost of the benefits that many superfoods deliver.

  1. Detoxing in a hot bath and getting rid of toxins in your body

Synext gives your body a daily skin flush reaction that forces toxins and wastes in the skin to leave your body.

  1. Cutting down on calories and sugar: Achieving weight loss and improving insulin sensitivity

Synext contains Chromium which is a mineral nutrient which helps improve glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.  It also activates AMPK in your body that mimics the benefits of calorie restriction which assists weight loss.

  1. Get better sleep leading to improved energy production and cell regeneration

One tablet of Synext contains a mixture of NAD+ precursors which can be metabolised to NAD+ in the body. NAD+ is essential to cell metabolism and energy generation, involving in over 400 reactions in body, especially in the regulation of energy production. Healthy NAD+ levels allow you to be more energetic both physically and mentally in the daytime, and have better sleep quality at night. The replenishment of NAD+ by NAD+ precursors is able to reverse the aging process in aged animals.

  1. Using expensive face creams and putting collagen in your food to fight wrinkles

Synext contains a mixture of ingredients which dilate your blood vessels. This enables many cells to receive increased blood supply, nutrients and oxygen, while harmful metabolic wastes deposited in the cells will be flushed away. This is indeed a scientifically successful and beneficial skin detox and anti-wrinkle procedure resulting in a clearer, fresh complexion. It also contains Biotin which is the main active ingredient of many hair skin and nail beauty products.

  1. Practising intermittent fasting to elongate your life: Putting less stress on your organs and digestive system, giving it all a break

There is no need to go hungry as Synext provides the same benefits that intermittent fasting delivers. AMPK triggers a series of beneficial cellular activities including increasing insulin sensitivity, NAD+ levels, DNA repair, immunity, stem cell functions and autophagy as well as reducing inflammation and so on. These activities will ultimately improve general health and longevity … and make you look super fabulous.

  1. Play Sudoku, do a puzzle and engage in activities to sharpen your brain

Taking Synext improves your mental clarity as NAD+ and AMPK activation both help energy supply to your brain, leading to a reduction in sluggishness and brain fog and it also helps prevent the onset of dementia in old age.

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