This Is How A Clothespin Can Give Pain Relief


Pain is a part of our lives. We all do experience pain in some or the other body part from time to time.

Well, opting for medical treatment is a must in any case. However, there are some easy tricks that can bring instant pain relief. Let me tell you first that these tricks should never replace medical treatment. Still, there is no harm in trying out this simple technique of eliminating pain from different body parts. And believe it or not, it is as easy as putting a clothespin on your ear. Read on!

So, it is called ear refloxology. The entire idea is to put clothespin on your ear to get rid of pain. Issues like minor soreness or body pain that keep erupting from time to time can be easily tackled this way. Let’s see how!

Pain Relief With The Help Of Clothespin

This picture shows the 6 different points where clothespin can be put. Each of these points on the ear are connected soreness and pain in specific body parts. So, if you apply pressure on these points you can actually relieve yourself from pain.

Back & Shoulders

Pressure point for back and shoulder
Pressure point for back and shoulder
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