Two members isolate themselves , Has Coronavirus reached the US Congress?

The decision came after they interacted with someone who had the virus

Two members of the American Congress decided to isolate themselves, on Sunday evening, after they suspected of catching the new Coronavirus, according to American newpapaers.

The source stated that the matter concerned the Republican members Ted Cruz and Paul Gosar, noting that they had decided on their own to enter the quarantine until confirm whether or not they have the Coronavirus.

Senator Cruz said on his Twitter account that his decision came after he interacted briefly with a person infected with the emerging virus at a political event in Maryland last month.

He stated that he meant “interaction: a short conversation and a handshake,” adding that he currently has no symptoms.

He continued, “Despite that, out of great caution, I decided to stay in my home in Texas this week, until the 14-day period expires”.

A few hours later, Gosar announced on Twitter” That he, too, will be subjected to quarantine with 3 of his employees, after attending the same event in Maryland, and interacting with the same person.

He stated: “I was with this person for a long period of time, and shook hands with us several times.” He added: “We are all asymptomatic but we are cautious and proactive.”.

Cruz and Gosar were among American politicians and activists who gathered outside Washington immediately, during the period from February 26 to 29, to attend the annual conservative conference for political action held this year under the name “America Versus Socialism””.

This development comes after Congress approved, on Thursday, an emergency plan to disburse $ 8.3 billion to fund the anti-Coronavirus campaign”.

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