Secrets strange world stories, whose explanation we did not discover

Secrets world stories

There are some secret stories in the history of the world that seem to leave a permanent question mark in the minds of mankind, despite the great technological progress, for you we have compiled these events that no one has been able to reveal their secret, from the past to now.

Does the Mu continent really exist or is it just a myth?

A virtual image of the legendary Mu continent
A virtual image of the legendary Mu continent – Image Credit: Twitter

Mu is a mythical continent that allegedly disappeared 14 thousand years ago and became a source of novels, and according to these accounts, those who left the continent of Mu created civilizations such as Atlantis, and that this continent was located between Asia and the Americas, which is much larger than the continent of Australia. The majestic Mu civilization sank as a result of a catastrophe 12,000 years ago BC. There is a very interesting text related to the sinking of the Mu continent on the walls of the pyramids of the Temple of Inscriptions in Totihuacan, Mexico. The text says: “A terrifying earthquake occurred in the thirteenth century. The continent of Mu became a victim of the disaster. One night, the Mu civilization collapsed after it rose twice, flooded it, the earth flew into the air several times and returned to its place, the disaster caused the death of 64 million people.

Scientists believe that the Mu civilization is only a myth, and the reason for this is that the rocks that form the continents (aluminum-silicon) must swim over the rocks (silicon-magnesium) that form the ocean floor, according to physical laws, but until now No rock discoveries that could form the Mu continent have been encountered to this day. However, inscriptions found as a result of research on carbon rocks in China and its neighboring countries dating back 14 thousand years were found written with the words: “Our continent sank, and we fled here.”

Where was Atlantis?

An imaginary drawing of Atlantis Continent
An imaginary drawing of Atlantis Continent

Atlantis is a mythical continent and civilization that Plato mentioned in his books, Plato mentioned Atlantis in his books for the first time in his dialogues Timaeus and Critius, and according to what he mentioned Atlantis was a very rich continent, ruled by nobles, Atlantis took over the continent of Africa and most of the western part of Europe. Plato says that the continent of Atlantis tried to capture Athens 9,500 years before AD but was unsuccessful, then the entire continent sank under water in one night. Many historians see Atlantis as a hypothetical civilization devised by Plato; to describe his own political theories, yet there is no consensus that the stories told about Atlantis are drawn from ancient stories, nor are they merely stories imagined by Plato. The American researcher Robert Sarmast reviewed fifty material hints about Atlantis through information he extracted from Plato’s books related to the Atlantis site, but his attempts were insufficient. Based on this, geophysicist Dr. John K., in a joint work with Dr. Hull, produced a three-dimensional map of the area with measurements of the depth of the site. According to Somerset, Atlantis was located between Syria and Cyprus, and that the highest peak of the sunken Atlantis is now Cyprus.

Statue of the Greek philosopher Plato
Statue of the Greek philosopher Plato – (Image Source: Instagram) 

Naacal Civilization

Naacal is a civilization that was claimed to have existed in the past, and gained its fame from British writer James Chor Shoard. The Naacalcivilization found by James Chor Shuard in western Tibet opened up great doors to the mysteries of the Mo and Atlantis civilizations, although there has been no scientific discovery related to the Naacal civilization. The American photographer August Bollingion was the first to talk about the Naacal civilization. According to Augustus, the people of Naacal were heavenly missionaries from the Maya peoples, and that it was an ancient and powerful civilization in Central America. According to James who talked about the Naacal civilization in 1926, the population of this civilization reached 64 million, who lived for 50 thousand years. James Chor Shuard, according to the writings relating to this civilization that he found in Tibet, claims that Naacal is the cradle of civilizations there, and that these writings illuminate a large part related to the Mo civilization, in addition to that these writings were found: “The Mu continent was a hot country, but it was It has very fertile and fruitful plains, and it was decorated with gardens on all sides, in addition to its rich forests ending at the plains. It also has rich and large cities with large population agglomerations on the banks of rivers, the navigation is distinguished by it is extraordinary, there are no high-rise mountains, but rather There were no high mountains in this continent in the first place, because the mountains had not risen elsewhere in the world. The existence of the Mu civilization and its people coincided with the third geological age before the formation of the great mountains on earth, the animals of these ages lived in the waters and forests of this civilization, the people of a civilization did not know many ways to please all kinds of animals there. “

In the modern day printing of 'The Books of the Golden Age' on page 195 is an illustration of this tablet
In the modern day printing of ‘The Books of the Golden Age’ on page 195 is an illustration of this tablet – Image Source: bibliotecapleyades.net

What target were the Nazca lines drawn?

Geoglyphs of Nazca civilization
Geoglyphs of Nazca civilization (Reuters)

Nazca drawings are another subject shrouded in mystery on the face of the planet. Several geoglyphs have left many questions that are waiting to be answered in the minds of scholars, which are lines and drawings carved under the wall that overlooks the coast of the Andes and the Nazca Desert on the southern shore of Peru.

Nazca drawings were noted with the occupation of South America by the Spanish, and in 1939, the first concrete evidence of its existence appeared, after which the American archaeologist Paul Kosok made an expedition over the Nazca desert and took pictures of the ground drawings there. After this period, a number of various scientific studies began to be carried out on Nazca drawings. In 1946, the first theory came from the German mathematician Maria Ricci (1903-1998) who devoted her life to these drawings.
According to Maria Ricci, the drawings were formed as a result of light-colored sand emerging from the bottom layer, and the dispersion of dark-colored sand from the upper layer of the desert, and ground drawings show the position of the sun, moon and some stars. These sites were used as a kind of calendar in the agricultural activities of the Nazca people, such as planting, watering, and harvesting times.

The theory of Feathers was based on engineering drawings, but did not include assumptions about other engravings such as animal or vegetable drawings. Studies conducted by remote imaging in recent years revealed that the number of ground drawings in Nazca exceeds more than 1500 drawings, and most of the drawings – which cover a land area of ​​about 3885 square kilometers – consist of geometric shapes with incomprehensible meanings such as spiral and trapezoidal shapes. And zig zag, and arrow.

Besides that, there are also animal motifs such as birds, fish, monkeys and American tigers, plant motifs such as trees and flowers, and human drawings as well, and there are also drawings of creatures believed to be a figment of imagination, and the diameter of the largest of those ground drawings is more than 300 meters, and extends for several kilometers.

Scientists tried 2,400 years ago to answer the question of what purpose did the Nazca people draw these ground drawings? By providing explanations for the samples found, they insisted on presenting different opinions. Some experts assume that engineering drawings show flow directions in streams or irrigation systems, along with some of those who believe that these carvings of hummingbirds, lizards, and whales are related to religious symbols. Another group of experts claims that these drawings may be related to rain prayers, and on the other hand, there are experts who insist that the drawings of spiders, birds and plants symbolize the blessing.

Secrets of the pyramids of Giza that no one could reveal its secret

 pyramids of Giza
pyramids of Giza – Image Source: pixabay.com

The pyramids of Egypt are structures that were usually established as tombs of the pharaohs, and the oldest famous pyramid is a step pyramid designed by the architect Imhotep and built during the period of the Third Dynasty. At the time of building the pyramids, all workers, architects, and anyone who knew the secrets of the pyramids in Egypt were killed.

The Great Pyramid – one of the mysterious buildings – is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The pyramids of Egypt, in all their details, are buildings shrouded in mystery over several centuries. How were they created? And who created it?

These are big question marks, humankind remains in a state of confusion and admiration for these buildings more and more as more of their characteristics and secrets are revealed.

  • Here are some interesting things about the Egyptian pyramids, which do not show explanations that confirm or deny them categorically, but the following points can be expressed:
  • Each pyramid was created from 20 tons of stones, and the closest distance from which these stones can be obtained is located on after hundreds of kilometres, there are various unconfirmed assumptions on the topic of how these stones were obtained.
  • The sun is said to enter the room of the person for whom the pyramid was built twice a year; Once on the day of his birth, and the second time at the time of the end of his reign and his ascension to the throne, where his tomb is located inside the pyramid, after his death and embalming.
  • 12 scientists died from cancer because radioactive materials were found in mummies when they were first discovered.
  • The devices inside the pyramids do not work, such as radar, sonar, and audio devices. When polluted water is left for a few days inside the pyramid, it becomes as if it has been purified. Milk that is placed in the pyramid remains fresh for a few days, then turns into a state of curd without spoiling. Plants grow in pyramids very quickly than normal.
  • The water left inside the pyramid turns into a face wash after leaving it for five weeks. Food remnants in the trash can rots inside the pyramid without leaving any scent. Burns, scrapes, scrapes, and other wounds heal faster inside the pyramid.
  • There is no information about what is inside some of the pyramid rooms, most researchers are either lost in the maze inside the pyramid, or the turns lead them to the same place from which they started. But no one had ever seen what was inside the rooms.

8000 Stone Soldiers differ from each other in facial features!

Moai statues
Moai statues, one of which weighs 82 tons

The Terracotta Army was found by a farmer in 1974, and this army – which has been underground for two thousand years with horses, arrows, bronze swords and horse-drawn carriages – created great excitement in the archeology world.

But it was difficult for archaeologists to examine the statues; Due to their close proximity to each other, and their fragile shape built of mud, in fact the clay statues had been found before in 1920, but the villagers who saw them buried them again for fear of them. 

 Terracotta, another name given to clay soldiers, was discovered by accident in 1974 when a local resident dug a well. Not only did the farmers discover the clay troop statues as they dug under the ground, but also the horses carved into the size of the cavalry, horse carriages, other war chariots, weapons, and servants.

The construction of clay soldiers is associated with the ancient ruler of China, Qin Shi Huang, because according to an ancient custom in China that predates the Qin Dynasty, he was buried with the king when his servants, soldiers, war supplies, private property, and even his wives died. But the Chinese ruler, Qin Shi Huang, did not want to kill his soldiers and serve him upon his death, so he ordered the equipping and making of soldiers and servants from clay, bronze swords, war chariots and other needs, in order to accompany him to the afterlife.

And each of these soldiers has different facial features, and their lengths range between 183: 195 cm, and the number of statues found underground is currently estimated at 8,000 soldiers, 130 war cars with 520 horses, and 150 horses in the excavation area.

One of the largest human statues in the world, called Moai, is 10 meters long and weighs 82 tons. These statues are located on Easter Island or Easter Island, one of the Polynesia Islands in the Indian Ocean. In 1722, a German sailor set foot on the island discovered the temples on Easter Island and moai statues.

A German linguist who went there in 1935 recorded 638 types of sculptures as a result of research he conducted on the island, by classifying them according to their size, while 887 sculptures were also discovered during the study conducted between 1969 and 1976, however scientists assume that there are more than 1000 sculptures.

On the island. Moai statues are amazing sculptures that affect whoever sees them with their exaggerated long ears, powerful prominent chins, large heads, and armless torsos. All the statues are exactly the same, with their carefully delineated eye holes and straight nose. Moai statues require 23,000 people to carve, move and place them on their stands, according to expert research.

The greatness of the statues becomes apparent when we imagine that there are about a thousand sculptures in number, and although the research lasted for years, only very limited information was reached about them. This tiny island in the middle of the ocean continues to keep its mystery and secrets away from the man of the 21st century.

Why did the mountain climbers die in the Dyatlov Pass?

 Rescuers found the Dyatlov group's abandoned tent on February 26, 1959
Rescuers found the Dyatlov group’s abandoned tent on February 26, 1959. (Public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

The case of the Dyatlov Pass is a mysterious death full of secrets of the Russian mountaineers on the outskirts of the Ural Mountains. Ten Russian climbers were mysteriously murdered on a night full of secrets on February 2, 1959, in an area called the “Mountain of Death” by the forgotten, who are the locals. Over there. Back in the Russian climbers, one had fractures of the skull bones, a fractured head although there was no sign of beatings, another had his tongue uprooted, and others were frozen. The scene of the accident was dubbed the “Dyatlov Pass” after captain Igor Aleksevich Dyatlov, and there became a very big mystery behind the deaths of the nine young men.
A survey conducted immediately after the accident showed that the climbers escaped from the tent, which was torn from the inside in different directions, leaving their phones and cameras, without taking anything, including their shoes, and no traces of any creatures other than human traces of mountain climbers were encountered. What happened ?! Why did these mountain climbers flee without their shoes and in such a state of panic on a night when the temperature reached minus 30 degrees Celsius?

Hypothermia was diagnosed as the cause of the death of Yuri Krivon Senko, Yuri Poroshenko, Igor Dyatlov, and Zina Kolmogorov Rustem Solpadin, after the first inspection that took place immediately after the accident, and these were the first people who reached rescue teams to their bodies. The mountain climbers were affected by the frost, and then they began to die one after the other in the darkness of the night, until there was a fracture in the skull of Solpadeen, but it was proved by definitive evidence in the tests that were conducted that the general condition of the fracture could not be a cause of death, but it was reported that Solpadeen froze unconsciously after she was hit on the head for no reason.

But the most unusual aspect of the matter was the fractures in Brinell‘s skull in the ribs of Zoltarev and Debonina, and moreover, Debonina‘s eyes, lips, and tongue were not present, and no signs of beating from the outside were noticed on the two bodies, whose ribs were found. It is also interesting that the presence of radioactive materials was observed on their clothes in the subsequent examination.

What is happening in Area 51?

Area 51 – Image Source: pixabay.com

The first question people will ask you when you are elected president of the Republic is what happens in Area 51? “During Obama’s Conversation with Actress Shirley MacLean.” Area 51 is located 153 km from the US city of Las Vegas, near Groom Lake, and is surrounded by the Nellis Air Force and the Nevada Test Site, and Rachel, which is located on the northern border, is the closest housing unit to it. 

The area of ​​land in it is 76 kilometres, and the high-ranking military officers there have the power to kill anyone. Sea road. Area 51 is one of the most ambiguous issues of our time, that a region is hidden as if it were a secret, without any explanation, and that entering into it is authorized even for the presidents, all of this raises curiosity about the region and accompanies an important question, which is: Is something hidden in there ?

The United States’ retention of aliens and UFOs is one of the theories and speculations about Area 51, as it was believed that the country that set foot on the moon first would be a superpower country in the world during the Cold War era. Therefore, space travel was considered a very important issue for the candidate countries to be the superpower, namely the United States of America and Russia.

According to documentary claims, no one has ever set foot on the moon during this period, and this video is nothing but an American game to announce itself as the superpower country in the era of the Cold War. The technology at this time was not sufficient to take a person to the moon, and this video does not appear to have been taken on the surface of the moon.

According to the allegations, the video of filming the moon was filmed in Area 51, and this is the real reason behind the hiding of Area 51, a great break.

The Secret of the Curse of Oak Island

Oak Island, located in the New Scotland region of Canada, is swimming on a treasure trove of rare artifacts, according to the scientists. According to one of the biggest myths out there, “The Money pitIt is a building consisting of large boulders, containing a treasure that has not yet been discovered, and in 1775 a rumor spread that Canada had a large treasure buried on Oak Island.

Since that time treasure hunters have spent their wealth and spent their lives searching for them, yet no way has been found after all these efforts on these treasures. Among the biggest reasons that make Oak Island so secret, and cursed by treasure hunters, is the flooding of all areas where drilling and exploration are carried out, and the filling of an area called the money pit with water at some point when the efforts exerted in the drilling and exploration reach a certain stage.
The answer to this question was not difficult, as a study showed that the nearest beach to the money pit area is 500 feet away, so when the water level in the pit recedes, it flows again from the water-loaded sand, just as it happens when pressing a sponge saturated with water So treasure hunters will be forever in the money pit they dig.

Rock star legend: Paul is dead

Paul Marketney, leader of the famous rock band "The Beatles"
Paul Marketney, leader of the famous rock band “The Beatles” (Twitter)

According to the sayings widely spread among fans of the famous rock group “The Beatles”, captain Paul McCartney lost his life as a result of a traffic accident in 1966, and in order not to lose the band’s popularity, he replaced the famous musician with someone who looks exactly like him. And those who defend and support this claim were showing the following facts as evidence of their validity:

Physical differences that appear in Paul’s pictures taken at different times. – Clues to McCartney’s death found on album covers
 The White Album” And the”Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

Heard a conversation that took place at the end of the song “I’m so Tired” saying: “Paul is dead, I miss him so much.”

Two thousand times more powerful than the Hiroshima explosion:

Forest at Tunguska after the 1908 impact
Forest at Tunguska after the 1908 impact – Image Source: theconversation.com

The Tunguska explosion, no one has been able to reveal the cause of the massive explosion that occurred in 1809 in the Tunguska region in Siberia until now, the explosion was so massive that experts agreed that this force could only be produced by more than two thousand bombs dropped on Hiroshima. The explosion, which destroyed 80 million trees and landed them at ground level, over an area estimated at 2,150 square kilometers, is one of the most mysterious events of the twentieth century.

A century after the accident, even assuming the Tunguska explosion was caused by some comet, some mind-boggling questions remain. Although researchers found samples in 1988, analyzes were conducted in 2008, and the results appeared in 2013. The Tunguska explosion still maintains its mystery to this day.

Taos Hum, whose secret was not revealed

Many people around the world have heard a buzzing sound, similar to that of a diesel engine. And many people say they sometimes hear a buzzing sound, especially those who live in America, England and northern Europe. On July 10, 2011, the people of Woodland, England, said that they had heard this sound for two months, and in 1997 researchers at a conference organized in a small village called Taos in New Mexico tried to find the source of this sound, but their efforts were unsuccessful. The true cause of the Taos hum has not been found, as there are still many vague explanations about its source and causes. 

Lightning balls that science could not examine

The occurrence of lightning in the form of balls is another rare condition that occurs in the atmosphere, the best documented event on this topic was in 1948, when a ball of lightning entered inside a Russian passenger plane and wandered inside the entire plane from start to finish, and crossed over the heads of passengers.

It was then clarified that the lightning ball, loaded with electrical charges and which was reported to have not made any sound, exited the plane without causing any damage, and scientists were never able to research this natural phenomenon, since it occurs very rarely.

Is the Malaysian plane located on the American island of Diego Garcia?

Malaysia Airlines Plane
Malaysia Airlines Plane – Image Source: cbsnews.com

In 2014, a Boeing 777 belonging to Malaysia Airlines, along with 239 passengers and crew members, was lost, and the search for it at the international level has continued from that date to the present day, but no wreckage or impact related to the plane was found.

Several theories related to the disappearance of this plane began to be discussed, and the claims of the French writer Marc Dugin are the most bizarre. According to interviews conducted by Dugin in the Maldives, the plane may be located near Diego Garcia, one of the Maldives, in addition to being the headquarters of a US military base.

In an article published in Paris Match magazine, fishermen on the island of Coda Hu Fado reported that they saw a giant plane on March 8, the day the plane disappeared, and added that the plane was flying at a very low level, and had blue and red stripes on it.

Dugin added that two weeks after the plane disappeared, a fire extinguisher was found on the beach of Para Island, and he stated that military officials seized a short time later this pipe that was used in Boeing aircraft.

Dugin says he shares experts who cited views similar to his views, and said in his writings that US officials understood the plane had been hijacked. And ends his claims, saying that the plane was buried with its passengers at the bottom of the ocean in order to be used in terrorist acts similar to the events of September 11, and the search is still going on for the missing Malaysian plane, and not even a small clue has been reached related to this accident..

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