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Feeling lonely or planning to emigrate? Millionaire looking for friends to share life with

The German millionaire

If you are lonely or planning to migrate and do not know which destinations are right for you, see this announcement:

A German millionaire is searching for a number of people to become his friends and live with him in his real estate, which is 8.6 million NZ dollars, equivalent to 5.6 million US dollars, describing his property, which is characterized by the presence of horse stables and a sea view as the paradise.

Millionaire looking for friends to share life

It seems that the need of millionaire Karl Ribbin to have 10 friends to share with them his life in his paradise, Oakeno, on the west coast of North Island in New Zealand, was urgent, as he ended up publishing ads in local newspapers in order to achieve his goal.

“One person can live in every home in the property and eat and drink in social sessions with others,” Ribbin said in one of the ads. “If you are interested in living a life with a group of interesting people, this life may be new for you.”

He added: “You can enjoy walking, fishing, shopping, boating, watching birds, swimming or looking at beautiful animals.”

The German Millionaire pointed out that adults who are up to 70 years old can apply for a home in his property, and they are also invited to bring their horses if they own any of them.

Ribbin made his fortune by selling canned iced coffee, and he also has major commercial activities and properties in New Zealand.

Ribbin stated in the ad that he had a background in international business, knowing that he was working on farms in Germany.

Karl Ribbin explains that it took him 10 years of hard work to build his Oakeno paradise in New Zealand and was ready to share it with nice people.

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