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Firefighters Put Their Life At Stake To Save This Freezing Dog. 2 Minute Video Of Humanity.

The recent incident in Massachusetts proved to be a beautiful and breathtaking case of Christmas miracle for a golden retriever and her owners.

The retriever was given a second chance at life by the heroic efforts of the town’s firefighters who are worthy of our praise and respect.
The retriever, Crosby was on her routine walk when her cheerful spirit suddenly turned into distress and fear.  See, the ground on which she was standing on opened wide open when the thin ice cracked up right beneath her feet.
Upon seeing their lovable pet struggling for breath, the owners of the dog immediately called 911.
Soon after receiving the call,  firefighters were sent to the scene suited in a special gear to survive ice cold water.
The firefighters quickly jumped into the water and started swimming towards the dog. The dog too sensed that these guys were trying to help. So she also started coming closer to them.

Firefighters approaching the dog
Firefighters approaching the dog

One of the firefighter grabbed her from below and together they safely brought her back to the dry land.

Out of danger
Out of danger

Crosby came out of the water shivering and trembling, but thankfully no serious damage was done to her body in all this time.

Crosby out of danger
Crosby out of danger

The whole event was caught on tape by the by standers and the video quickly went viral after it was posted by the Wellesley officials.
Crosby is one lucky dog and lives to swim another day. 
But the way the firefighters risked their lives in order to save this lucky dog is truly what makes this story even more heartwarming.

Crosby with her life givers
Crosby with her life givers

And the firefighters’ efforts have been appreciated well by the world too. They had the chance to meet Ellen Degeneres on her show and are also the proud recipients of the PETA Animal rescue award.
The whole video is captured on film and you can see the courage that is displayed not only by the firefighters but also on the part of the dog.

Watching such incidents fills my heart with joy and warmth. I salute these fine gentlemen who are always ready to go to any length for their duty, even when that means risking their own lives.

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