Cat Meets Puppies For The First Time

What happens when you meet your arch enemy for the first time? You glare at each other and you have a feeling that the other one can pounce on you.

Both of you wait with bated breath searching for the right moment to attack the other. In short, the whole situation is tense and you can not rest until you see the other one leaving.

Cats and dogs are such enemies. In most of the cases, dogs chase away the cat. But many a time, when the cat is not a weak dude, it gives a tough fight and gets the dog into a submission mode. I have seen cat v/s dig fights and I am sure you must have seen them too.

So why am I saying all this? There have been instances when the members of these respective species don’t greet each other with a quarrel. They approach each other with warmth and try to be as amicable as possible. In return they get the love and adoration.

Such scenes fill the heart with joy.
In this video footage, you see how the cat reacts when it sees the puppy for the first time. First the cat hesitates. Slowly it grows accustomed to the puppy. After a few days, both of them are friends and they have a great time when both of them are together.
Have a look at this video:

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