I Wish I Was As Brave As Him – Man Saves Dog By Jumping Down A Bridge!!

He jumped down a bridge just to save a dog. Isn’t he adorable? Yes, this man in the video saved a dog by hopping down a bridge. How many of us would do that? Not many.

So when this man saves dog, he is displaying the greatest virtues of life, compassion.
Nowadays, there’s a lot of hue and cry about animal rights and security. But it is still on paper. Not many would practice what they preach. However, there are some courageous and compassionate people who would go the distance for animal welfare.

The dog was freezing near a stream and would have probably gone unnoticed had it not been for this noble man. It was there for four hours before it was finally rescued. He climbed the railing of the bridge and jumped on the first section of the tower. Slowly he made his way down and reached the base. He reached the dog. What followed next was an affectionate moment for the onlookers. The dog was shivering between the bank and a shrub. When he saw the man, he scampered off in his direction and started licking him fondly.

The man then carried him back to the tower of the bridge and handed it to his accomplice standing on the scaffolding who guided the poor dog to safety.  Everybody who watched the scene with bated breath heaved a sigh of relief.

Do you want to know more about the man? His name is Zoran Pavlovic. During a walk with friends, he and friends spotted a dog marooned on the bank underneath a bridge. They asked for help. But no one came to the rescue, when Zoran took the matter in his own hands.

What happened afterwards? After being shut down by a few animal shelters, when they asked for some aid for the dog, they found Mr. Saša Pešić from “Dog shelter” to save this pup. The mongrel was lucky to be spotted by these youngsters and finally find some roof over his head.
Now this is an inspiring moment.

It raised the spirits of everybody nearby. In the end, man saves dog. Humanity won again.  So, what do you all think about this act of bravery?

View the whole incident in the video given below:

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